Arrival Day

The advantage of being super-tired after a transatlantic flight is that one might (just might) forget quickly how miserable it is to be trapped in a tiny space for 9+ hours.
But our bikes were waiting for us (on a cart, even) when we made it across the UK Border in Heathrow, all the other bags made it too, and our driver was waiting to ferry us and our bikes across London. Win, win, win. And if that weren’t enough, the bikes (which appear intact despite the boxes being opened by TSA) are now fully assembled except for pedals. We thought pedal installation would be safer on more than 2 hours of sleep.
We had a lovely dinner in the garden and then a short walk into Pinner to try to ease some of the kinks brought on by the tiny-space journey and assembling bikes without a work stand.
Now it really is time for sleep.

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