RideLondon FreeCycle

August 9, 2014
Many lessons learned from this experience.
Summary: We’re glad we went; we don’t need to go again.
Here’s the route: http://tinyurl.com/qxlhztr
The photo is while “riding,” after our early lunch (hummus and falafel) break at the Green Park festival zone. It was like that for about two miles, then we did actually ride for about 2 more.
Lesson 1: Riding with 50,000 people is not really like riding (this was suspected in advance).

Lesson 2: Check the transit and tourist web sites for special events that will disrupt transit before traveling. A vintage steam train running on the Circle Line seriously impacted our ability to get anywhere on the tube.
Lesson 3: If the station you are thinking about using looks like the sketch below on the tube map, DO NOT (under any circumstances) take a bicycle into that station. You will be (at least) unhappy. You will be lucky to avoid injuring yourself, your bike, or others.
Lesson 4: Just kidding, that’s enough lessons for one half-day adventure. 🙂

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