Breakfast at Hogwarts

Well, almost. No owls, and the portraits don’t move, but otherwise…
The Great Hall at Christ Church college was the model for Hogwart’s Hall. It’s summer, so there are renovations going on, but it is pretty spectacular even with scaffolding:




And then you get to eat! Full English breakfast is pretty nice for touring cyclists. There are eggs (poached or fried), sausage (or Quorn sausage for vegetarians), some sort of potato, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, and often mushrooms.

Here, toast and coffee and tea (and fresh orange juice!) are served at the communal tables.
Sadly, our time in Oxford is at an end. We need to finish packing our panniers, schlep them down the 68 steps and across the college, then load up our bikes (hopefully as we left them when we arrived Thursday), and head for Banbury. There we’ll catch a train to Coventry for an overnight there. We’re following National Cycle Network (NCN) route 5 today.

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