Traveling with my mother

I said on Facebook earlier that Mum has come to mind when I’ve seen different things on this trip. She passed away early this year, but I think she would have enjoyed hearing about some of the things we’ve seen and experienced. I’m especially mindful of this today as I hear of two dear friends whose mothers have just passed away.
I suspect she would have loved our stay at ChristChurch College, Oxford, and sitting at High Table to eat breakfast.


However, she would probably be aghast that I did not eat one single scone while we were in England.

I think she would also have enjoyed our tour at Canterbury Cathedral, and of course she may have been there herself during her travels. I suspect, given her interest in cultural history, she’d have found being where Becket was murdered to be rather interesting.


She probably would have enjoyed the apple orchards of Kent too, but not the hills we rode to get to them.



But she has also come to mind frequently during our time here on the continent. I thought of her a lot in Belgium, especially in Bruges and Ghent. I’m absolutely sure she would have loved the canals and the beautiful old houses and buildings in those towns.




And I’m sure she would have loved every moment of Switzerland that wasn’t spent on a bike, especially the time with Carrie, Brent, Amory and Alasdair, and the beautiful views around Bachs. She loved young kids and I think she would probably have been bewitched by these two. Sorry I don’t have pictures of them to share.




I’m absolutely sure she would also have loved the history and grandeur of Austria too. I’m guessing that she would have found Stift Melk incredible and would have had the mom equivalent of a blown mind in Vienna. The baroque grandeur of Schonbrunn and the royal apartments at Albertina were so incredible and opulent. Schonbrunn has been compared to Versailles and we could see why. And one of the rooms in the royal apartments at the museum was ALL GOLD LEAF!!!!! I think she’d have loved seeing it all, though I’m guessing the Joan Miro exhibit was not to her taste.



Our great friend Sue commented that she was glad I was taking Mum along in my heart, and I do feel like In some ways she is with me every step of the way.

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