Packing up and going home

There’s not a ton to write about the last bits of the overseas portion of our grand adventure. We finished most of our packing on Monday evening before meeting my sister for dinner in Pinner. We had wanted to take her and Melvyn to dinner in appreciation for letting us stay at the beginning of our trip, and all the effort she had put out to arrange Mom’s stonesetting etc. We wanted to go to Pinner so that we could also run into the Sainsburys there to pick up some goodies to bring home. Angie was particularly focused on finding Crunchies. And, although we can find them here, milk chocolate digestives are so much cheaper in England.
We also picked Pinner becuase there are a TON of restaurants in the area and it would be easy for Susan to get to. We made some suggestions about where to eat, and she picked Prezzo, which is a chain that doesn’t feel like a chain. Unfortunately Melvyn only joined us at the end because he had an obligation. We had a really lovely meal with her. The conversation was great and the evening flew by. Melvyn joined us in time to finish up the evening, and we said our goodbyes, hoping that it’s not too long before we see them next. It was really great to have quality time with all my siblings on this trip, and I think Angie enjoyed that part of it too.
There’s even less to write about Tuesday. We went to the airport, got on a plane, and came home. The flight was too long since it was direct, but I have to say the flight attendants were fantastic and treated us as if we were first class customers.
We arrived mid-afternoon to an extremely blustery Denver. Angie’s cousin Karen had kindly offered to give us a ride home from the Renaissance hotel near her office, so we took the hotel shuttle to meet her. It was great to have a little time to visit with her since she is going to be out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday. After reuniting with her and Angie’s brother Greg, with whom we are staying while in town, we drove up to Boulder to pick up our dog Rebbe from my brother’s house. Rebbe had been staying there, hanging with his sister, while we were away. It was also wonderful to reunite with Robert and Debbie, and of course Rebbe, who seemed thrilled to see us, thank goodness. After a cup of tea and some catch up, we headed to Green Mountain to pick up the other dog. Being older and much smarter than even Rebbe, Shiloh was not so enthused about our reunion, wanting us to know she was a bit miffed at our leaving her for so long, but we are glad to all be together again. And Rebbe was thrilled to see Shiloh again too.

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