Made in Ohio

Today, I was fortunate to experience two of Ohio’s quintessential businesses.

This morning, Angie and her dad took me to the Esther Price store in Centerville. Now, I’m not as huge a fan of Esther Price chocolate as the Powers and Harting families, but I knew it would be a good experience.

The store is full of all sorts of selections of chocolates and gifts related to chocolate and Ohio (of course, Ohio State memorabilia, but also University of Michigan and University of Kentucky!). They have all their boxed selections laying out, along with plenty of other candy. Even better, samples! They have an “irregulars” tray right by the front door, and little trays of other goodies (not just chocolates, though that is their main offering) that you can sample that are dotted around the place. They also had some of their own brand hot cocoa on hand, and I tried a little cup. It was one of the best things I tried there and I would certainly consider buying it if I wasn’t already running alive with cocoa and hot chocolate, not only in our storage unit but also in the holiday package Angie’s mom made for us (which is coming along on the next stage since it’s a useful thing to have when camping).

An aside too on Centerville, which is one of the older European communities in the area. It apparently has the largest collection of early stone houses in the state and the central area is very cool. Sadly, it was so cold out today that I didn’t ask Angie’s dad to stop so I could take pictures.

This evening, I went with Angie and her parents to meet some friends of theirs for dinner at Bob Evans. Now, I hear that Bob Evans Restaurants are not as good as they used to be (several members of the Harting clan have worked there), but it was decent food and great service. Angie’s folks go there almost every Friday and they ask for the same waitress when they go. I’ve heard that the Bob Evans breakfasts are really good so I will probably try breakfast for dinner next time I go. I’ve also heard (from Angie’s cousin Annette who worked for him) that Bob Evans himself was a lovely man.

Finally, speaking of quintessential, I do love seeing the water towers lit up at night here. I don’t know if it’s really the case, but I seem to have seen more water towers here than any other place I’ve been around the US. I guess they use them in places where reservoirs are less viable, but I’ve also read that they are useful all over the place because the water being elevated provides enough pressure to distribute the water in the relevant community. So, there’s also your trivia for the night.

3 thoughts on “Made in Ohio

  1. Angie’s Unk & I go to Bob Evans here a couple times a month. I didn’t know Esther Price had a store in Centerville, I’ve just always bought it at Kroger. Next time I’m in the ‘Burg, I’ll have to take a side trip to the store.

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