Carillon Park

Sadly, we didn’t have time to do our hoped-for tour of Carillon Park, the home of the original 1905 Wright Flyer III, the world’s first practical airplane, and a National Historic Landmark. We’ll have to get that stamp in our National Park Passport another time.

However, we did make it to the brewery in the park, which is built and run to reflect the manner of the many breweries that sprung up in the area. The food was decent, and everyone particularly liked the sweet and sour cabbage and the sauerkraut on offer. The menu is a mix between pub and German food, the latter reflecting the heritage of the region. The beers also tried to adhere to the historic style, and the staff were all in period costume.

Angie sampled a flight of beers. She like some more than others but said they weren’t really to her taste. Here are some pictures of the lovely building and the gas burning lamps on the site.

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