No Idle Hands Here

We are slowly slowly moving forward with our plans.
It’s slow mainly because life just intervenes and makes it so hard to achieve as much as you want to do on a given day. I’m working six hours a day on a contract project at the moment, and on top of that and trying at least to get out with the dogs, not to mention all the logistical issues of not having our own home yet, it’s a bit of a challenge. It’s really hard to develop a rhythm with key parts of one’s life when you are not staying in the same place for more than a week at a time and you don’t have your own stuff all around you in a well-organized way. Even though we are currently staying at my brother’s house in Boulder, where I lived for eighteen months when I moved from California in 1996, I still have to think about where things are kept or how to store leftovers. It takes a little bit of energy with each decision, and it adds up. We have gotten some stuff done though. We know where we’re going to try to start our venture, and we know what sort of business entity we are going to form. We’ve started putting together information for a business plan and have been talking to a lot of people to get advice and make connections. Last week I attended a Small Business Development Council seminar on getting started with a new business, and today we started looking at the steps involved to establish the business with the secretary of state and maybe to trademark the name we think we’ll use. There are a lot of steps but we will just keep moving at the best pace we can. I figure that every step is an effort to promote our own autonomy, however long it takes. Angie suggested we may not want to form our business entity quite yet because it may impact our 2015 taxes, so maybe it’s ok that it’s so many moving parts!

I just saw a meme on Facebook about the difference between successful and unsuccessful people, and a lot of it is about positivity (that’s a word, right?). I’m just trying to stay positive and do what I can to move us a little closer every day.

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