When we were preparing to travel for a year, one of the big questions was “What do we do with all of our stuff?” Sell it? Give it away? Store it? We ended up doing a bit of all of these, but enough of it went to storage to fill a 15’ x 20’ storage unit. One thing I also remember is that when I was investigating this question, most of the other travelers noted that when you return you will wonder why you ever needed all this stuff.

Well, that day has arrived. Why do we need all this stuff? Granted, we downsized from a 2000 square foot house with an oversized two-car garage to a 900 square foot “cottage” with a small one-car garage, but still. After living for four months with what we could carry on our bicycles, for another nine months with what would fit in and on a car with a roof-top box, and for the last four months with that plus another car-load or so of stuff we pulled out of storage, I am fully overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in our new home.


I have to admit I was happy to see certain things, like dressers (yay, no more clothes in suitcases and laundry baskets!) and the sofa and my ancient La-Z-Boy. In the kitchen, having multiples of items like measuring cups and cooking pots has been a welcome luxury. I’m also sure I’ll enjoy the dining table, once I actually see it.


By and large though, it’s too much stuff. We’ve unpacked some essentials and managed to get our office up and running so we can get to work. We’ve filled the dressers and equipped the bathroom (though only a couple of towels have made an appearance). And we still have far more than 100 boxes. Hmmm.

So what now? Well, one donation trip has already been made and I’m sure several will follow. We’re going to sort what’s left into new boxes and stacks—use now, save for the hostel, sell, donate, shred, or trash. I haven’t yet brought myself to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but I may need to do so.

3 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Highly recommend the book you reference. Stop what you’re doing. Buy two copies at Costco. Go to your favorite coffee shop and read it at the same time. It’s a quick read and absolutely life changing. Do you ever feel like your stuff owns you? Don’t wait another day. (I’m passionate about this subject!)

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