Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort

A quick note about the place we stayed while we were in Colorado Springs for the Starlight Spectacular, about which Angie just blogged.

Several months ago, at a Bikes, Biz & Beer event in Denver, Angie and I briefly met Torie Jennings Giffin. She talked very excitedly about her plans to purchase a historic hotel property in Colorado Springs and turn it into a bicycle resort. Last week, Torie’s dream became a reality and she closed on what is now the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort.

We decided to see if we could stay there for the bike event even though it was not confirmed that Torie would have taken the facility over yet by then.

It’s a really cute place with a pool and some lovely rooms in adobe style units. She even has some suites that come with their own hot tubs. There is a pool and a lovely lobby/reception area.

It’s super close to a lot of great things, like Garden of the Gods and the Pikes Peak Gateway. Torie has great plans to make the facility a bike-centric destination, and we not only hope that she’s wildly successful, but that between us and others, we can string together a bunch of bike-friendly facilities all over our great state.


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