Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

Another property has fallen through. That’s three properties where we’ve been under contract, have gone through most of the process, and something has happened to show us that it’s not the right place, or won’t work, or whatever you want to call it. I’m not going into details on this one because I’m sure you’ve heard enough but suffice to say that we’re finding Pueblo a pretty challenging town in which to find a property that suits our intended purposes.

We were pretty devastated. We’d been pretty excited that we were getting really close to realizing our dream, and were just a couple of weeks from closing. This property seemed to check some key boxes for us, until we learned that it didn’t.

Now that the climate in the nation has changed somewhat, we are giving a lot of thought to the direction our ventures are going to take. At this point we’re not sure that investing in building up a hostel business is as important as other things we can/should be doing to protect our communities, while also continuing with supporting the bike world.

For me, it probably means continuing to do contract work (for money: earning money is good) while we do try to build up some sort of business supporting bike tourists, and maybe find a house where we can offer Warmshowers hosting or Air BnB (or not, apparently that’s not legal in Pueblo based on a discussion with the zoning department). At the same time, hopefully, I will also be able to devote time to bike advocacy work and some other community work to try to help move Pueblo forward.

We are still house-hunting, so we will see what we find. If we find a property we think we can use as a small hostel, we may still go in that direction but nothing is certain this point after another very disappointing and expensive effort.

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