M2D8: Leadership Intro

Before I launch into the topic of this post (not what you expect), I want to share a photo of today’s big win.

Yes, it has come to this. And if you’re just here for the LEGOs, pretend this is an online recipe and just scroll scroll scroll until you see them.

I am definitely struggling to get things done these days. The essential tasks and meetings and school work happen, but the pace seems glacial. So today’s post is not about what’s going on in the world (though do read this article in The Atlantic if you’re so inclined), it is about one of my grad school courses. The course, Communication, Collaboration, and Leadership in Gifted Education, originally had a culminating Synthesis Project, which posed these questions:

• Where do you feel your strengths in communication, collaboration, and leadership lie?

• How can you best draw on these strengths now to positively impact the field of gifted education?

• In which of these area(s) do you most want to grow and in what way(s)? Include the components of a SMART goal- you’re more likely to accomplish goals you write down and measure.

• As you look ahead 5 and 10 years, where do you feel you can have the most impact in the field of gifted education?

• What might your future contributions be (and why do you think this)?

Thanks to COVID-19, this is now an optional project. The perfectionist in me is grappling hard with this. Do I do it at all? Do something that isn’t my best work? Do something offbeat? Try to do something amazing anyway? Aargh.

I’m going to try to do the project here. It’s less onerous than an academic paper (and I have enough slide decks to prepare) and I’m doing this anyway. So look for reflections on gifted leadership here for a few days in addition to your regularly-scheduled programming.

Speaking of that regular programming, it’s already nearly bedtime so more Hogwarts Express construction is not an option. Box 5 of the Advent Calendar is…

A wood-chopping set. My first thought was that this is an odd little thing about which I won’t have much to say. Then I went upstairs to boil the kettle for Calm and close the blinds and curtains and I realized—chop wood, carry water. I probably learned about this Zen proverb when I was in college (the very first time—a few decades ago) and it is particularly apt in our current circumstances. The things that are real are the everyday experiences. I was happiest today Zooming with teachers, talking about virtual teaching and doing (math) paper-folding “together.” And that’s the lesson—let the BS go and do the everyday work. I needed the reminder. Thank you Advent LEGOs.

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