M2D14: Planning, not planning

I should be writing about Leadership, but instead I am planning for a trip that’s six months away and might not even happen (because who knows what the world—particularly Walt Disney World—will look like in six months). Meanwhile, Siri is suggesting that I open WordPress. Okay, okay, I’m getting there.

But back to Disney. One can make dining reservations 180 days in advance. It feels ridiculous to do anything 180 days in advance at the moment, but when my 180 days comes up on Thursday, I will do it. I’m not buying park tickets yet, as it’s not clear how refundable they are, but the hotel has already been booked for months. As has the 10K race entry. Priorities. The race sold out on the first day. Hopefully all this will happen, but I’m not holding my breath.

The main (ok, official) purpose of the trip is a National Association for Gifted Children conference. Which brings me back to my series on leadership. The final post in the series—coming tomorrow—is either on gifted education leadership or leading while gifted. Those are probably not distinct concepts, but they raise different issues. I’m still thinking about the final question in the assignment prompt too—As you look ahead 5 and 10 years, where do you feel you can have the most impact in the field of gifted education? What might your future contributions be (and why do you think this)? I know my contributions will not be as a scholar presenting at the NAGC conference, so that’s a start. Probably not in higher education in any form, and that’s just fine. I’m going to continue to ponder, as it is already past my bedtime (Cinco de taco Tuesday and grocery pickup somehow consumed my evening).

Yum. Local takeout. Yep, margaritas too.

Box 10 on the Advent Calendar contained another minifigure. It’s the first female figure of the bunch, so she must be Daring to Lead.

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