M2D17: Graduation Day

Today was to be Graduate School Graduation for spring and summer terms. Just another of the events that have been cancelled. For me personally, it’s not a huge deal, I’ve had a number of graduations, though it would have been nice to walk with my cohort. But I feel for those who were looking forward to their high school and college graduations, or to being hooded upon earning their doctorate. There will be delayed ceremonies, or virtual ones, or much-altered experiences, but that rite of passage will not be what they had hoped for or planned. So put up the signs, have some virtual parties, and celebrate your graduates in any safe way that you can manage.

Because it was graduation day, Maureen had scheduled a day off and decided to keep the day off. Since I finished schoolwork yesterday, that meant I could have a day off too.

We started the day with yoga by my friend Emilie at Everyday Adventures, which Rebbe also enjoys.

After a breakfast of Paleo Pancakes and chicken sausages, we relaxed before readying ourselves for a hike at Lake Pueblo State Park. We are fortunate to have a state park within 10 miles of our house, which is still the allowable radius for “safer at home” recreating. My isolation habits (or lack of normal habits) were showing though, as we were several hundred yards into the hike before I realized I hadn’t locked the car. Bonus steps.

It was a great hike on Driftwood and Inner Limits and Pedro’s Point (map here!). We saw (and heard!) many birds, particularly meadowlarks, no snakes, and few people.

On our way back into town, we called Bingo Burger to order lunch. (Surprise!) We added a chocolate shake to celebrate and adulterated it with Peppermint Kahlua when we got home. This day went by fast. After what seemed like just a few minutes, it was time for Happy Hour with some of my cohort-mates. It was so lovely to see and chat with them (via Zoom, of course) for most of two hours. Next up was a visit with some Denver friends that included virtual Pictionary. Fun!

After dinner and Pictionary and some laundry, we finally retreated to the basement to relax. And break out the LEGO. Since it was a celebration day, I went for the next Hogwarts Express section.

The Trolley Witch made her appearance, complete with trolley and chocolate frog.

The next bit is part of the passenger car.

There’s just one more Hogwarts Express section, so it’s good that I finally ordered some new sets yesterday. If I can’t travel or go to graduation, I can at least hike and have LEGO.

Thanks for the hike, Mom!

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