M2D24: Processing…

I have a lot of thoughts today, but nothing fully-developed enough to share. So I’ll keep processing for another day.

Rather than do anything productive today, I discovered a LEGO video game, LEGO Tower. (I’m B1N41 if anyone reading this wants to be my friend on Tower.) Kind of a SimCity with minifigures, and similarly addictive. Grad school starts again on Monday, so I felt a little justified in relaxing.

Our desire to avoid takeout/carry-in food on Friday appears to be consistently not as strong as our desire to avoid food prep on Friday. Tonight, that meant delivery from Angelo’s Pizza. I do love pizza, especially with green chile on it. And keeping the local places going is important.

I took a break from LEGO Tower to build a model from the Advent Calendar (Box 16). I am not sure what it is.

I asked the Google and others had a similar reaction. Consensus is perhaps an outdoor cooking unit (for pizza?)

Happy Friday friends.

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