M2D26: Rest Day

Yesterday’s thoughts about the future are still to be continued, because today was a rest day. By rest, I mean minimal time spent on social media and reading news or trying to “accomplish” tasks. It was a relief to not have so much input from the outside world.

Instead of that troubling input, I read a mystery from one of my favorite authors and spent some time playing LEGO Tower. The mystery took me to Venice, which is in some ways a reminder of what we are all currently missing and in other ways an opportunity to think about how tourism can be—and more importantly, do—better when it resumes. As I played Tower, I realized that what it offers (beyond some fairly mindless entertainment) is the opportunity to design a living and working environment that includes the things that I choose. So my tower can have a bike shop and a library and a sushi bar and whatever else I want (within the constraints of a G-rated LEGO game).

My Tower today.

In addition to those sitting activities, we took a walk while our yummy breakfast frittata (asparagus, zucchini, and mushrooms) baked. There were many lovely flowers.

After breakfast, I filled and installed the hummingbird feeder, encountering a pretty creepy-looking spider in the process. A broad-tailed hummingbird arrived almost immediately (and not quietly) but did not pose for pictures. Shortly thereafter, a fast yellow interloper (goldfinch or tanager) tried to get a sip.

No touching.

Sundays often include a visit to the “Test Track,” officially DOT Road, leading to the Transportation Technology Center, for a bike ride. Spring rides include plenty of meadowlarks and there are pronghorn year-round. As I ascended what we affectionately refer to as “the third hill,” I spotted an orange bird just before waving to our friend Lisa, who was coming the other way. Luckily, when Maureen and I reached that location on our return, we were able to stop and see two brightly-colored birds and identify them as a pair of Orioles.

DOT Road

Since it was a rest day, we decided to order lunch for pickup at Chipotle on the way home. I was impressed with the controls in place. There was a box taped on the concrete outside the door, and x’s to show people where to stand while waiting. Everyone was wearing masks, and an employee was controlling access, letting only a few people in and retrieving pickup orders. We are adapting…

Resting only includes fairly simple LEGO construction, so I built The LEGO Movie 2 Accessory Set. Clearly I need to watch the movie again, as I don’t recall the Sharkira character. But the Sewer Babies are kinda adorable (that sounds wrong, doesn’t it?)

It’s also yet another LEGO set that propels things. Hmmm.

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