M2D28: Return to Planning

Apparently only Disney can make the decision to cancel the conference for which I am now registered in November. Should be interesting. I think I’ll be ready for that sort of travel by November, and if not, it will be because conditions have changed enough that Disney will indeed cancel. So low risk, right? I’m trying not to think about the fact that it is not practical to drive from where I live to Walt Disney World. At least not unless it’s summer, or you are retired, neither of which will be the case.

We’re also contemplating a trip to Ohio, which is drivable, to see my parents. It can be done with a single overnight (in my youth I could skip that part, but…) in each direction. We generally take a cooler anyway, since road food is less than desirable, so eating is not really a problem. Thus the main places one needs to be careful are at gas stations and in restrooms. I think we can do it with an acceptable degree of risk. Look for details here in the not too distant future.

Happily, I had only one Zoom call today (yesterday contained 4!), but I still could relate when I saw this:

I also continued my journey with the LEGO Tower game. I’m enjoying it, but I would like a few more adult options to build—fancy cocktail bar, yoga studio, Apple store, Irish pub, travel agent. It’s also almost relentlessly positive (not a bad thing in pandemic times) since no one fights or gets fired or takes away your earnings. There is that underlying capitalistic motive though, since your goals are to earn coins and bux and continuously expand your tower. At least putting people in their dream jobs is also quite lucrative.

Box 19 is a grandfather clock.

It’s not the best-constructed of the models in the set, but it fits well with the holiday rocking chair scene.

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