M2D30: Reflecting

The great thing about doing your own project is that you can decide when it’s finished. This daily writing project is now finished. It’s been a fun way to chronicle the second month of being home during the pandemic, but I want (need) to spend more time on other things moving forward. Though I get a break from work starting at the end of next week, summer (grad) school has already started, and I want to read more for pleasure and spend more time outside.

We know a lot more now than we did when I started this project about how the virus spreads. This post from Dr. Jennifer L. Kasten humorously explains the current understanding. Despite this knowledge, not much progress has been made in testing and tracking. In fact, testing data has gotten more confusing, with even the top agencies conflating virus and antibody testing. Additionally, some states—Colorado included—are trying to distinguish deaths with COVID infection and deaths from COVID infection. We need to do better. We know how spread happens, so let’s work on preventing it. Wear masks, keep your distance, stay outside when visiting (and whenever possible), and don’t gather in large groups. And listen to scientists.

Finally, I hope that the enormity of this pandemic has at least helped people think about what is really important. I read three very different takes on this today. One is the Twitter thread below, which emphasizes the principle of doing it now. I really appreciated the Warren Miller quote: “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.”

The second was another installment in the Arthur C. Brooks column “How to Build a Life.” This graduation-themed column offers 4 Rules for Identifying Your Life’s Work. Rule 1, the work has to BE the reward, is great, but I found the most comfort in Rule 3, a career doesn’t have to be a straight line. I feel seen 🙂

The third piece was Martha Beck’s post on following your bliss. She says that you’re on the right track if you’re doing things you loved as a kid. So, I guess I’m doing OK if I’m running, biking, reading, and playing with LEGO.

Speaking of LEGO, I started on the Knight Bus tonight, but I was too tired to get far. I do love the purple bricks…

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