A Different Sort of “Hot Date”

The time available for my Artist’s Date this week was midday on Thursday. It needed to be away from home, but it’s hot outside, and there’s COVID inside. So, hmm. Driving? Driving and something else? I decided to visit Lathrop State Park, about an hour from home. This also gave me the opportunity to listen to a podcast in the car. I chose Tim Ferriss’ interview with Madeleine Albright. It was an interesting podcast, in that her life has been interesting, but in a more “ordinary” way than many of the people Tim interviews. She was ambitious, but not as focused on the selling of the personal brand as most of his guests. In fact, not at all focused on this—she was and is a servant of our country and humankind. So refreshing. She also spoke honestly about whether women would do a better job leading, reminding the listener what high school was like if we doubt how awful women are (also) capable of being.

Once at the park, I took about 30 minutes to walk (it was hot!) and happily did not encounter any snakes. Here are some images I captured.

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