NYC 2021: Day 3, Shopping and more

We have been home from this trip for two weeks and I have managed four blogs, getting to Day 2—with 6 more trip days remaining. I’m pretty sure I don’t have the time or stamina to continue at this pace, so clearly I need to write fewer words.

Tuesday was (Education Law) class night, so I needed to do a little more reading and not be too tired for class from 7-9 p.m. EDT.

We had “reserved” this day for shopping, so we dawdled in the morning, as stores don’t open until 11. (What the heck, right?)

Waiting for the Pride-bedecked Macy’s to open.

Our primary destination was Macy’s at Herald Square, the largest department store in the United States. I had some success finding “school clothes,” but the late start meant we were well past the point of good decision making when we stopped for lunch. We had incorrectly assumed that we could eat in Macy’s, but the gradual and recent reopening of the city meant most of the establishments inside the store were not yet available. After an unpleasant bit of searching (it was humid and crowded and we were hungry—OK maybe hangry), we settled on some salads from Paris Baguette and took them back to the room to eat.

Our next mission was the Apple store to replace Maureen’s recently broken iPad. Although there are several Apple stores in New York City, we of course wanted to go to the always-open showplace on Fifth Avenue. We booked an appointment (luckily this was possible, as it has been a challenge to shop at Apple stores throughout the pandemic) and headed to the subway. It was sprinkling, but we didn’t worry too much. When we emerged from underground it was pouring. The Apple store was only a couple blocks away, but we still got fairly wet. Other than its impressive exterior (follow the link above), the most interesting thing about this store is that it too is underground. It’s big, but otherwise not particularly different inside from other Apple stores.

In a developing trend, our next stop was at a pub. It was match day for England in the Euros, so we made our way to Jones Wood Foundry on the upper east side. We watched soccer, drank Aspall cider, and ate tasty savory pies (lamb for Maureen and chicken for me).

Pie and cider!
The chandelier had little candles 🙂

Even though desserts looked good at the pub—and it was still rainy—I wanted ice cream. We walked a few blocks to Sedutto, which had a very wide range of flavors. My scoop of coffee Oreo hit the spot. Sated, we headed back so that I could attend Zoom class and Maureen could set up her new iPad.

See, much shorter. Maybe I can do this after all 🙂

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