More time on the Tube and a little shopping

Sadly, we did not get to learn bowls today due to the rain. (Apparently it was the remnants of Hurricane Bertha.) After sleeping in a bit, we did venture out into the rain.

It was alternately rainy and sunny all day, and we ended up staying pretty dry after all. We were planning to go to King’s Cross and switch to the Piccadilly line, but the train we boarded–not looking at anything other than the direction of travel–only went as far as Baker Street. (I love that these names are places in books I have read, thus the gory details of our Tube travel.) So we got off and switched to the Bakerloo line to get to Piccadilly Circus. After some browsing at Lillywhites, we acquired some food from a nearby Tesco and looked for a place to eat. A few blocks took us to Leicester Square, where there were numerous spots for sitting, eating, and people watching.
Our next stop was Stanfords travel bookstore. Amazing. But if you go, know that cycling maps for places other than the UK are on the first (not ground) floor, despite what the directory indicates. They have more maps than I have seen for sale anywhere. The selection is quite impressive–I could spend days browsing. We ended up with an IGN map for Lille/Boulogne-sur-Mer and a Topo-Guide for the Flanders Cycle Route. Hopefully, this will be enough (in tandem with our Garmin Edge 810) to get us to the next major city.
Afternoon wandering was interrupted by a stop at St James Tavern for a cider and a snack and followed by a return to Pinner. Somehow the walk back from the station seems to get a little longer every day… We finished the day with a very nice fish and chips dinner with Susan and Melvyn and some time to catch up on our blogging.

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