Platform 9 3/4 is a bust

So, two things about King’s Cross Station. First and foremost for many of you I’m sure, it is now necessary to queue up (with cordons) for accessing Platform 9 3/4. There is even an attendant, and a luggage cart embedded in the wall. (Bet you’re glad I put that comma in there.) I am not sure if the props are provided, but as we went by, there were two people posing as though they were dueling with their wands. The whole experience was almost as lame as trying to see the Mona Lisa.
Second thing. And sorry Sara Rubin for letting your secret out. The Parcel Yard. It is indeed the part of the station where parcels were historically distributed, but now it’s been repurposed, with lots of relevant artifacts, into a spacious restaurant with several different eating areas and gen-u-ine Thomas Crapper privies. The newly remodeled King’s Cross gives you lots of great options, but I’m glad we went with Sara’s suggestion. We were able to sit uninterrupted for two hours and catch up, while having a spectacular breakfast. I had Eggs Royale, pretty good, but rich, while Angie and Sara had the vegetarian English breakfast, which was a great spread and would be my choice if I went back. Best part of all was having a chance to catch up with one of my oldest friends at a place recommended by her.
This was the highlight of my day–as opposed to the highlight of my evening, which was dinner at the home of my brother Stephen. Not sure when I last ate so much, but he and his wife did make roast lamb for me and roast poussin for Angie. Scrumptious.
In between, Angie and I popped by the British Library to see the Magna Carta, and then headed over to the Victoria and Albert Museum (the V&A) to check out some stuff. The V&A is a massive museum and there’s no way you can see it all, but it’s a good one to go to during the school holidays since it’s not as attractive for kids as some of the others in South Kensington. We just checked out the Architecture and Glass sections. The glass is amazing, so much to look at there alone, including this amazing baluster, plus one Chihuly there and a chandelier of his at the museum entrance. We also dipped into the Disobedient Objects exhibit. Very disturbing.


8 thoughts on “Platform 9 3/4 is a bust

  1. AAh M, did you not get to see the Ceramics Rooms at the V& A! Astonishing. The circular area is porcelain by the author of ‘The Hare with the Amber Eyes’. Check it out next time. Love the blog!!!

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