First Day on the Danube

We left Passau this morning and followed the south bank of the Danube for a while, then took the first of two ferry rides (not free here) to the other side.



My favorite part of the day was lunch on a pebbly beach. After lunch we tested the Danube with our toes. (Yes, it was another spectacular day, so the cold water felt good.)



We rode for a bit after the second ferry crossing, then got a bit confused about the location of our lodging for the night. Apparently we should have climbed up from a spot near ferry #2, but we found ourselves 10 km farther along the river, faced with 1000+ ft of climbing over about 3 km to reach the guesthouse. This was not really an option. So, I had to call the guesthouse. Normally, Maureen would get to do this (she is so awesome), but since I am the one with the rudimentary German skills, I got the honors. I was able to explain our situation and our location to our host, who ever so kindly came down the mountain to fetch us in his van with bike trailer. Whew, crisis averted. After freshening up, we enjoyed a lovely meal of putenschnitzel (schnitzel of turkey) and I consumed a large and yummy Zipfer Limetten Radler (interesting that the same word is used for cyclists and citrus juice mixed with beer).

I think the bed is calling me now. More Danube “cruising” tomorrow…

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