Biking and more in Santa Barbara

Sitting in our Palo Alto hotel room on Thursday night listening to the rain continue to fall steadily, it was hard to believe that we were riding our bikes in shorts and short sleeves earlier in the week. But we were!
It’s always a treat to spend time in Carpinteria/Santa Barbara. We get to stay on the beautiful boarding school campus where my friend Cece teaches and enjoy great ocean views, refreshing walks, and fantastic meals. On this visit, we also added pleasant bike rides.
On Monday, we drove just a few miles from “Carp” to check out the new bike path along Highway 101 that some are calling the La Conchita bike path. Though just a few miles long, it is important because it removes cycle traffic from the shoulder of the highway through a stretch that previously allowed for no other options. We rode the 3.75 miles of the path along the ocean, and a bit more along the old highway, for a total of about 10 miles with Rebbe in tow. This was his first outing with his new harness, so the top of the DoggyRide Mini could be opened, allowing him a great view of the beach.



Tuesday was another beautiful day, so we drove into Santa Barbara and parked by the bird refuge, where the seaside bike path begins. We pedaled along the beach, by the marina, and up the hill to Shoreline Park. Rebbe seemed to enjoy this too.


After our ride, we bought a new bark collar for Rebbe (to avoid future hotel problems) then walked around State St. for a while, acquiring some shoes for Maureen to replace the ones we can’t find yet (probably deep in the storage unit). We also checked out the new Santa Barbara Public Market at West Victoria and Chapala. It was filled with yummy food and flashy kitchen implements and was really nice, if a bit hipsterish. Maureen had some delicious Rori’s ice cream (I had previously indulged in Pinkberry), which was our only purchase at the market.


We finished the day with an evening out with Cece in Montecito at a restaurant that was new to all of us, Montecito Cafe. We enjoyed the food and cocktails, the service was adequate, and the desserts (especially Maureen’s flourless chocolate cake) were excellent.
We were sad to leave Santa Barbara, and Cece’s, but we knew Wednesday was our last good weather day to drive up the coast…

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