More Ohio Institutions

We spent some time with family in Cincinnati on Thursday, since Angie’s brother Brad, his wife, and their new baby were in town. The city is about a 40-minute drive from Miamisburg. It was my first time in the city and I did get to see a couple of cool things when Angie and I took a short walk. My favorite building of the day was definitely the Hilton Hotel. The hotel was built in 1931 in my beloved art deco style and is a National Historic Landmark. It’s a really spectacular building and seems to be well maintained. The decor inside and outside the hotel was wonderful. We had a nice breakfast at Orchids at Palm Court, though we had missed the buffet breakfast by moments. All of today’s pictures are of this hotel, though I like the final picture because a modern building snuck into it.



We saw both the football and baseball stadia from a bit of a distance. They are both on the Ohio River. We also saw the outside of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, which is a really cool building and a place I really want to check out next time I’m in the city.

Our second meal of the day was also another Cincinnati institution, Skyline Chili. Angie’s brother Brad had a yearning for it since he hasn’t been back to Ohio for a while. One of the things they are famous for is their “ways.” This would be a three-, four-, or five-. The three is spaghetti, chili and shredded cheddar. Angie ordered that without the chili. I asked for a sample of the chili because I’d heard it’s flavored with cinnamon, which I do not like. I wanted to see how intense it is. It was too much for me. Therefore I ordered a chicken wrap, which was just so-so. Almost everyone else ordered some variation of the -way or that plus the Coney, which is their hot dog dish.

The final Ohio landmark stop of the day was on our way home, when we stopped for ice cream at Graeter’s. One can get this at King Soopers in Colorado but it’s really fun to get it at the stores. The nearest one to Angie’s parent’s house closed since we were last here, but Angie located one that wasn’t too far out of the way from our route home. Angie’s dad had a scoop of a new flavor, bourbon pecan. I would have liked it more without the pecans, so after sampling it, I went with my usual, coffee.

It was another good day for experiencing Ohio landmarks. 

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