All at Sea

April 15, 2015

Our last class of the spin series was today. It was a pretty good workout again. Angie and I have been pretty impressed with our instructor. She’s kept everything simple but it’s been good, hard work.

In case that wasn’t enough work for one day, we also participated today in On Deck for a Cause. This is a 5K that raises money for six international cancer charities. It took us about an hour to complete the 12 laps of the promenade deck that constituted a 5K. The turnout wasn’t as huge as we thought it should be, but at least there were 40 or so participants.

We felt we’d earned some down time this afternoon, so we took it easy until the Sip & Savor at 5 o’clock. Today’s offerings included Liberty Soup shots, which Chef Natacha explained was a soup the slaves of Haiti made for their masters but were never allowed to eat themselves. Once the slaves were freed, they began to eat it and from that day on they eat it on Liberation Day, and often on Sundays too. Even though it was a pumpkin-based soup, I found it to be quite tasty. I can’t remember the name of the cocktail but it was made with Campari and pineapple juice. It was quite tasty.

The other highlight of the day was a pleasant formal dinner. We sat with a couple from Orange County who had served in the Peace Corps after retirement, and a woman from Florida who had a hard time hearing us, but Angie said she’d had a very interesting life. Angie wanted to check out the show after dinner, but when we heard the operatic sounds issuing from the showroom we decided it wasn’t for us and we called it a night.

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