A Taste of Savannah Spur

We were able to obtain reservations for the state park (Skidaway Island) outside of Savannah for Sunday and Monday nights, so we packed up on Sunday and headed up to the thriving Metropolis of Register, Georgia (the Adventure Cycling map claims a population of 175, but that might be pushing it). There we mounted our trusty steeds and headed for Denmark, which doesn’t even get a population number on the map. Dad joined Mom and the pups in the support vehicle at Denmark’s gas station, while Maureen and I rode another 8 miles or so before we climbed in too. The ride was mostly uneventful, but again we had minimal shoulder, some of it with rumble strips, and fairly high-speed traffic. We drove the rest of the way, having heard from others that parts of the ACA Savannah Spur close to Savannah had similar (non) shoulders and more vehicles.

Skidaway Island State Park has a really nice campground, of which I have no photos. The uber-friendly hostess recommended Loop 4 for peace and quiet, so we chose a spot there and set up. 

After a simple dinner, we decided to drive to Savannah for (what else?) ice cream. My research had revealed the location of an ice cream parlor that has been around since 1919 and is considered by some to be among the best in the world. I have read too many of those lists to have expectations to match the hype, but Leopold’s did have really good ice cream. Mom and Maureen secured seats outside so that they could wait with the dogs while Dad and I stood in the fairly long line. Soon after they sat down, a waitress approached and asked if they would like puppy sundaes for the dogs. Of course they accepted, and the dogs had their treats long before the humans. Once inside, I sampled the ginger ice cream and decided I had to have it. It was bitey and refreshing, with just the right sweetness. (I also like olive oil and green tea ice creams, so take that for what it’s worth.) I added some coffee chip for a touch of conventionality. Maureen had coffee ice cream, as usual, while Dad added a scoop of coconut to his coffee dip. Mom tried one of their signature flavors, Rum Bisque, which contains cookie bits and got good reviews from Mom and Dad. By the time we left, the line had grown significantly, with some people wondering if it was worth the wait. It was.

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