A Little South Carolina Ride

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

After our day in Savannah, we opted to “skip ahead” a little bit on the route since campgrounds were scarce in southern South Carolina. We had a little trouble making plans, as our campsite on Skidaway Island was distant from decent wifi access. We were only able to get online at a bar a few miles away. Once we got access, we found that our planned destination, Givhans Ferry State Park, did not take reservations within three days through ReserveAmerica, but only directly through the park. So Maureen called in the morning and made a reservation for the current night and the next night. We packed up and hit the road, with a plan to ride the last twenty miles or so to the campground. 

Morning tear-down took a while, so we were hungry by dropoff time, thus we stopped for a healthful McDonald’s snack. A few miles later, we began our first South Carolina ride in Walterboro. The roads were similar to those in Georgia, with generally good surfaces, relatively high speed limits, and no shoulder and/or rumble strips in the shoulder. Log trucks added a new complication here. I have to say that by and large they were courteous, but it is still scary when they pass you. This short ride was also flat and the wind was our friend, so we covered the twenty miles in pretty short order.

Typical log truck (not my photo)

We arrived at Givhans Ferry State Park in the mid-afternoon and took a break before setting up camp. The mosquitos came around pretty much right away. We were still undecided about the next day’s plans, so Mom and Dad went into the nearby small town to launder some bike clothes while Maureen and I showered, started a fire, and made potato packets. We hid from the mosquitos in Mom and Dad’s tent, since ours is just a backpacking tent, while theirs has room for camp chairs. Despite the citronella candle and torches, the biting was pretty relentless during cooking, dinner, and clean-up. Sitting close to the fire helped, as Mom did while she toasted a bunny (of the marshmallow variety).

To complicate our plan-making, a storm (not named at this point, but it would become Tropical Storm Ana) was heading for the coast of the Carolinas. We knew we did not want to camp (or tear down) in the rain. We also have a family rule that we don’t start riding in the rain if we have a choice or a reasonable alternative. The support van provides a reasonable alternative. 

By morning, we had decided to abandon our campsite and head up the coast towards our relatives’ houses, with stops at Charleston and Myrtle Beach along the way. Before we left, the dogs took us on a little walk in the park, which was actually quite nice.

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