New Experience #7: BLAM with DJ Laser Ben

Last night we were privileged to see (and hear) our friend Ben, aka DJ Laser Ben, spin at Sanitas Brewing in Boulder. The event was called B.L.A.M. for Beer, Local Art, and Music. Apparently this was number 12, but it was a first for me. It was also my first time hearing Ben play a gig–he did play my UNC graduation party a million years ago, but that’s a bit different.  

So, the music first, because that was the best part. I can’t talk very intelligently about it, but I really liked it. It is my understanding that the style of is house, which is a genre of electronic dance music. Ben’s set melded familiar tunes with electronic sounds and created an upbeat, move-with-the-music atmosphere for visiting and art shopping.

The art and music were set up in the brew house, while the tasting room was a separate space. While Ben was DJing, we stayed in the art/music space. There was ample room, even with the beer fermenters and big stacks of cans.


My favorites among the local artists there were mwk designs and Someday K. This was one of my favorite pieces by Someday K–it sold by the end of the evening.


The best thing about the brewery itself was the owl logo.


The beer itself was drinkable, but nothing special (a conclusion shared by the other beer drinkers in our group). I tried the cinnamon whiskey barrel abbey ale and the maple porter and had a taste of a friend’s sour ale. The other issue with the offerings is the lack of choices for non-beer drinkers. Kombucha and root beer, both beverages that appeal to limited audiences, are the only non-beer options (besides water, of course). None of the beers are gluten-free either.

The tasting room does not actually serve food, but there is a semi-resident taco truck outside. McDevitt Taco Supply serves up quesadillas and tacos (all on corn tortillas) through a window on the deck. I had the green chile chicken taco and Maureen had chicken and kale salad in a bowl (given her corn issues). The flavor was quite good and the price was right at $3 each. I’d recommend at least 2 tacos if you want a complete meal.

Other than Ben’s music, the real highlight of the evening was getting to spend time with great people. We were very happy that our friends Jill and Melanie joined us for music, beer, and tacos. We also got to hang out with Laurie and Ben and meet some of their friends–people we’d heard about for years and can finally put faces to. And we visited with Ben’s parents and got to see their Santa Claus pictures from Thailand (where they currently live) and Burma. Good times indeed.

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