New Experience #8: Drumming Up the Sun

I almost skipped today’s new experience. When the invite to “Drum up the Sun with us!!” from our friend Maggie first came through on Facebook, Maureen and I both whined a little about how cold and early it would be and kind of decided not to go. When I was walking Rebbe yesterday though, it occurred to me that the whole point of this year of new experiences is to be open to the opportunities that come my way, including those that are challenging in small or big ways. So I decided I would go. That was all the motivation that Maureen needed, and she decided she would join the solstice celebration too.

Since Maureen’s drums are somewhere in the storage unit (read: quite inaccessible), we borrowed a 5-gallon bucket and some wooden spoons from my brother, selected our warm clothing, and prepared for an early start. We met our friends at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, a spectacular outdoor venue, while it was still dark at about 6:20 a.m. People were already drumming and drinking coffee, and there were a few didgeridoos, guitars, and maracas as well. We joined in and also managed to get some photos. The pre-sunrise was beautiful.




Some people were burning sage, in what I assume was a cleansing ritual for the solstice. I was surprised not to smell the odor of Colorado’s other favorite herb. One woman had a hula hoop complete with fire. Luckily, she was far away from the rest of the crowd.


The drumming got more intense as sunrise approached. I have to admit that banging on a bucket with a wooden spoon is oddly cathartic and I would consider celebrating the return of the sun this way again. Here are some more images–enjoy!



4 thoughts on “New Experience #8: Drumming Up the Sun

  1. Hula hoop of fire? Whenever I hear solstice, I think of my good friend Jim Burroughs. He would call me up the day of the summer solstice and say “I’m really feeling down today”, I would always stop what I was doing and reply “What’s wrong Jim?” To which he would reply ” The daylight is getting shorter.” I always fell for his little joke.

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