New Experience #22: Hot Yoga

This is a short post; yesterday’s lengthy entry took a lot out of me. And this is a simple “new experience” post. One of the things we have had on our list since we arrived in Pueblo was finding a yoga studio. After a little research, Maureen went to Studio Share for a class two weeks ago. She liked it pretty well, so we attended a Vinyasa flow class together last Saturday with instructor Dale. The space is very pleasant and Dale led a nicely flowing workout. I thought I would be sore from so many Chaturangas (high plank to low plank), but my muscles were mostly fine.

On Saturday, we also met studio owner Christina McCann, who told us about their spin class offerings and second location. Of particular interest to me was the 30/30 class, which combines 30 minutes of stationary bike training with 30 minutes of hot Vinyasa yoga.

So today I tried the 30/30 class with Christina at Studio Share II. (Yes, friends who live in more expensive places, it really is $6 per class here in Pueblo.) I’ve done some spin classes in various settings, but hot yoga was new for me. The spin class was hot too, since the yoga room was adjacent. Thirty minutes (40 with pre-class warm-up) on the bike was plenty, as Christina took us through some climbing and a few sprints, working up a really good sweat. And then we went into the hot yoga room. I was worried about the heat, but I actually felt fine and was able to get some good stretches, particularly in the hip flexors that are still trying to recover from crashing a few weeks back. The biggest challenges were (a) fatigue after spinning and many Chaturangas in the heat; (b) sweat rolling into the eyes; and (c) holding balancing poses–always an issue 🙂

I think we’ve found our yoga studio(s) and a new challenge for me in 30/30!

4 thoughts on “New Experience #22: Hot Yoga

  1. Wow, the pricing is pretty good! I’d be worried too about going from one sweaty exercise to another. I’ve always wanted to try hot yoga. So glad you’re trying so many fun things!

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