Catching up with Canyonlands

A bit behind, since it’s a few weeks since we got back from our Grand Canyon adventure. Our last major stop on the way home was to be Bryce NP, but since snow was in the offing, we decided to modify our route and check out Canyonlands NP instead, which was also new for me.

The park is pretty complex, with three major sections: the Needles, the Maze, and Island in the Sky. We just focused on the Needles, checking out the busy visitors center, and then setting off for a lovely hike on the Slickrock Foot trail. As we arrived we encountered a foursome of Canadians who had just finished the hike as they tapered for their run nearby the next day. They raved about the hike and said we would love it. We did! It ended up being 2.4 miles, which we managed to cover in about an hour and a quarter. The time in the graphic below is elapsed time.


Here are some pictures of the terrific vistas!

IMG_3888 (1)IMG_3891 (1)IMG_3897IMG_3898IMG_1525 (1)


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