RAGBRAI Day 0: Across Iowa Again

Today was RAGBRAI with no bike riding. After minimal breakfast at the soon-to-not-be Fairfield Inn, we headed back to St. Ambrose University.

Where we found our first lines.

After a bit of a wait, we boarded the bus to Onawa. It wasn’t a great ride. Our driver found too many rumble strips and got defensive when challenged about his cell phone use. But we survived.

Lunch was at Zombie Burger near Des Moines in a mall food court. My mushroom croquette sandwich was vegetarian, but by no means health food. I can’t recommend it, despite the fun names.

When we arrived into Onawa, it was hot. We set up camp, collected our bikes, then headed for the expo. And found more people.

We checked out the vendors, got a little swag, drank beer (Stella for me, among some decent choices) and Nuun, then determined we should find some dinner. The church spaghetti included meat sauce, so we ate in the expo, at Carbo Hut. I went with beans and rice and veggies. Quite satisfying compared to the fried food at lunch.

I hit 10000 steps on the way back to camp—not bad for a day spent primarily on the bus. Tomorrow, finally, we get to ride.

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