M2D5: Staying Grateful

I am grateful to live where I can see a river and trees and birds (and, yes, trains, even if none of them carry passengers). I am grateful to be able to travel by foot or bike from my door to the multi-use path (MUP) that runs along that river. I am grateful for the many birds I saw and heard on my run today, including ospreys, meadowlarks, red-wing blackbirds, jays, and a kingfisher. I’m even grateful for the goslings (the first I’ve seen this year), though I’m generally not grateful for geese.

I’m grateful that the unavailability of live sporting events, shopping, and theatres has given many more people the opportunity (or impetus) to enjoy the MUP. I am happy to watch them from the balcony and glad that this time has helped me to appreciate the balcony as well.

Maureen watching birds from the balcony.

I am fearful about the relaxing of stay-at-home restrictions, but grateful that my work can be done from home. I am grateful for the educators I work and study with—they have adapted with grace and empathy, as teachers do. Please remember this when state and local funds are tight in the years to come.

I was going to build more of the Hogwarts Express, but I just don’t have it tonight. Instead, I opened window three of the Advent Calendar. It’s a minifigure with a curling broom.

We were supposed to go curling in New Zealand on our bike tour. But we came home instead. I am grateful to be home—but it would have been fun to try curling. Next time.

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