M2D6: Sure is Monday

It was 83 degrees in Pueblo today and the leaves “popped out.” Governor Polis says that essential workers must wear masks, as should everyone when they are outside of their dwelling space (my term, not his). Some businesses could open today, but everyone still wants more guidance and some don’t want to open yet. I watch, with trepidation. I am hopeful, but not optimistic.

The Reid is still a fine vodka. Enjoyed with Q tonic and a nice dinner, on the balcony, it is even better. The small joys are important.

Old photo. Volume not accurate.

At work we are planning for things that may or may not happen that are six months away. And planning to still be operating virtually three months from now. And we have no idea what things will look like in three weeks. I’ve been in situations where the ground feels like it is constantly shifting before, but not like this.

Again, I have only the energy tonight for the LEGO Advent Calendar. Box 4 is the target for the snowball thrower.

It’s not the most exciting model, by far, but there’s still a little thrill in opening something almost unknown. Perhaps that’s how I should think about planning professional learning for the future.

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