M2D11: Reluctant Leadership (Leadership IVa)

The week is getting better, but it is the weekend. Plans for summer are still unclear, but I have more peace about whatever they turn out to be. I was able to get outside for a run this morning before it got hot and crowded, and I saw my first snails of the season. I don’t know why I am so fascinated by the snails, but I look for them whenever the morning temperature is right.

Beyond that, I sat at my computer. I was actually happy to have a challenging project with a hard deadline. Hopefully one more day of work will allow me to meet that deadline.

In the interim, I will continue my series on leadership. I’ve mentioned the Six Keys books and the Teacher Leader standards. The third important resource we explored this semester was the extensive and quite unique Concepts of Leadership website (http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/leader/leadcon.html) by Donald Clark. Clark provides quizzes, theories, and seemingly endless information about leadership. I was most intrigued by the Leadership Philosophies page, largely because I had never thought about the existence of so many ways to think about being a leader. The working-class paradigm that I grew up with involved a choice between doing what you were told (by a parent, teacher, or boss) or rebelling against what you were instructed to do (probably to your own ultimate detriment). This matches the authoritarian or autocratic style, in which bosses (who are sometimes leaders) tell people what to do and how to do it, without their input. Perhaps as a reflection of how much I dislike this style, I find myself leaning towards the far opposite end of the leadership continuum, servant leadership. While traditional leadership is concerned with accumulating and exercising power at the top, servant leadership focuses on sharing power, social justice, and putting others’ needs first.

I’m pretty sure anyone who is going to be any kind of leader should take a course in leadership philosophies, or at least check out Clark’s web site. This is an important topic, so I’m going to leave it To Be Continued, since I am done and dusted tonight.

For consistency, though, here is Box 8 of the LEGO Advent Calendar:

I’m pretty sure, based on the packaging, that these are gifts.

I placed them next to the tree.

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