M2D12: Not Leadership

Today was harder than a work day. I spent the whole day finishing a slide deck to share with the gifted coordinators that I lead (notice what I did there). It’s also a final project for one of my courses (not the Leadership one) in case you’re wondering why I did that for 12 hours on a Sunday.

I’m worried for my state and the world today. Many, many people were out and about and not distancing. I want to forget all the photos I saw. I want to forget that the virus is still out there.

This is one of our local Say’s phoebes. They usually hang out in the trees or by our neighbor’s deck, but today this one visited our deck. Notice how green everything is. Those who live here know that’s a very transient state. (Enjoy it while it lasts.)

Say’s phoebe visiting the deck

In addition to working really hard today, I was extremely disappointed by my high school alma mater, Archbishop Alter High School in Kettering, Ohio (yeah, naming-names-level disappointed and angry). Apparently they have non-renewed a highly-regarded 23-year veteran teacher (also a classmate of mine all those years ago). His “crime”? He married a man he loved, and someone sent the marriage certificate to the Archdiocese. I know: rules, choices, consequences. But really?

I left the church years ago when I understood that they did not support who I am. But I have maintained a respect and fondness for (most parts of) Catholicism. Except when they discard people who wish to serve while remaining who they are—and hurting no one. Alter is an Archdiocese-owned school. Perhaps it is time for that to change. (Remember yesterday’s post about doing what you’re told? This reminds me of that mindset.) Perhaps that letter—urging independence—is the one I need to write, because I don’t know what else I can do.

Can there still be LEGO with this much darkness? Perhaps there must be. Maybe even wizard LEGO…

Hermione makes everything better.

Let me check in my bag.

Coal car in progress.

And the train so far.

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