M2D20:Are we there yet?

Apparently our governor reads my blog, because today Governor Polis announced that state park campgrounds will start opening tomorrow. Actually, he probably was also “exposed” to Dr. Bromage’s (and similar) work and drew the same conclusions that I did. Unfortunately, Gov. Polis (or Jared as we call him in our house) also had to deal with the blowback from the situation in Castle Rock, announcing that the restaurant owner’s license to operate would be suspended indefinitely. I think some people are confused about the source of their “suffering.”

Our local state park campground

Not much else to report today, as Mondays are just hard. Especially after really relaxing weekends. I’m glad that people are starting to think about what might happen in schools in August, but I think we are all still fumbling around in the dark. The next four weeks will give us a lot of information (one hopes), but by then a chunk of summer will already be gone. In the interim, perhaps we should rest—and stay at home.

Finally, box 13 in the Advent Calendar is the Grandma. (Hmmm, hope 13 is a lucky number for Grandma.)

To go with the rocking chair.

I remember my great-grandma in a chair that may have rocked, but not really either of my grandmas. La-Z-Boys, yes, including the one in which I am sitting now (which does rock, BTW), but not rocking chairs. The model also has another first for me—a LEGO book! Pretty cool. It’s the small things…

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