M2D21: Perspective

So China’s going to test 11 million people in Wuhan (approximately twice the population of Colorado) this week. Meanwhile, we are “hopeful” to do 12.9 million tests in the entire U.S. in 4 weeks. What’s wrong with this picture?

Today was a good reminder of how much of life is about perspective. While getting food out for lunch, I managed to crunch my thumb between the refrigerator doors. No visible damage, but it hurt like a you-know-what. It reminded me that I used to view such moments as signals from the universe to pay better attention. Ah, good perspective.

From that thought, I considered the work I was doing today—reviewing final documents and portfolios for educators completing induction. Induction is required by the state in order for educators to move from their first or initial teacher (or special service provider or principal or administrator) license to a professional version of that license. The state recommends it be done during the first year of holding that license, but gives folks three years to get it done. Most of the participants completed all the requirements and learned something in the process, but I got real insight into their perspectives from the exit survey. Some saw induction as merely a hoop to jump through (they aren’t completely wrong), while others understood that it was a requirement, but used it as an opportunity to pursue learning that would be helpful to them. Perspective.

Rebbe and I went for a little outing after work. There were many birds and some lovely flowers. Spring is beautiful, regardless of what is going on in the greater world. Perspective.


Box 14 is a table of wintertime treats.

I put them next to Grandma. Looks like she’s living her best life.

Are you sharing?

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