Photoblog from a walking tour of Prague

Shopping results–some from Holesovicka trznice (market near our flat) this morning
John Lennon wall–too many people for our own photo, see this instead
Penguin art along the Vltava

Views from the riverside



Lunch at Lehka Hlava (Clear Head) vegetarian restaurant–yum.
Interesting facade along the way

Dancing house (Fred and Ginger)

Emauzy Abbey

Dvorak’s grave at the Vysehrad cemetery

Views from the ramparts at Vysehrad


Cool house at the bottom of the hill by Vysehrad

Jerusalem Synagogue–not in the Josefov



3 thoughts on “Photoblog from a walking tour of Prague

  1. Couple down coats should keep you warm. Loved Lennon wall, never knew it existed. What was long serpentine wall shown in the 10th picture?

  2. Henry, we tried to look it up and found nothing definitive. We wonder if it was old city wall since this fort is older but we had read of locals destroying a city wall so are unsure. Sue, we love the architecture too. It’s been a favorite part of this trip for me and there’s so much we didn’t see or photograph, like the Art Deco facades in Jozefov. Prague is a great combo of functionalist and deco architecture in the center. Fred and Ginger was a huge departure following the Velvet Revolution. I should do a blog about architecture we’ve seen.

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