Trams, buses, planes, and metros

That’s what it took to get us from the flat in Prague this morning to the hotel in Athens this afternoon. Two trams, in the rain with a heavy suitcase, then a very crowded bus to the airport. Flew in to Athens and had to resolve the not-quite-as-obvious-as-we-hoped metro transition. It was actually ok once we realized all the platforms were for the same line and that we should ignore the bits about the suburban train line.
It kind of brought home that we need a bit of a vacation from our vacation. We know how privileged we are to be taking this trip, but it’s also a bit of work at times.
We will still blog I’m sure, but we may not be as consistent, especially once we get to the islands. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the view from the rooftop of our hotel. Tomorrow we plan to hike to this spectacular place.


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