New Experience #26: Movie Manor

If you drive along Hwy. 160 in southern Colorado, you may notice an unusual lodging establishment in Monte Vista. The Best Western Movie Manor is part motel, part drive-in. I had often thought about staying there, but the opportunity had not presented itself. I knew we could not make it all the way to Mesa Verde last Friday night after work, so after waffling a bit about leaving Saturday morning, we decided to stop at Movie Manor instead.

There aren’t too many places to stop on the way there, so we pulled over to a scenic overlook to eat our King Soopers fried chicken and cole slaw (a road trip staple). While there, we were lucky to spot a long-tailed weasel carrying its (large) dinner across the parking lot!

We arrived at Movie Manor and were told we could watch X-Men: Apocalypse from our room or drive in to the Angry Birds side of the theater. We could actually see both screens from our room, but the built-in sound system does not allow for movie choice. We “watched” X-Men for the experience, but I have to admit it was hard to keep my attention focused on a screen so far away without the context of the earlier movies in the series.

The lodge has a number of other movie-related features–like the decor:

And the room names (we didn’t even notice this until we came back from breakfast the next morning):

On the more practical side, the room was small, but the bed was comfy, quite likely the best of the weekend. The complimentary breakfast was also quite good. I wouldn’t go out of my way to stay there again, but it’s a good stop if it’s on your way. For us, it made the next day much better, as you’ll read in Maureen’s upcoming blog.

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