A Monday and a Sunday visit

Frans stayed with us twice, though we didn’t expect that when he first messaged us via the Warmshowers app. He was planning on staying on Monday night. Another east to west traveler, Frans, who is from the Netherlands, ended up being so far ahead of schedule that he decided to rent a car in Pueblo and head to New Mexico and Utah for a few days before continuing on the Trans America Trail to Astoria, Oregon.

Once again, our guest arrived on an evening where one of us had an obligation. I had a board meeting for the Steel City Cycling Club, of which I’m currently president. Frans had every intention of heading back to McDonald’s for dinner, where he’d spent a chunk of the afternoon after being blown in from Fowler by a fortuitous tailwind. Yeah, they have Wi-Fi, but in Pueblo, there are many great places to go and get a great burger in a locally owned establishment. We directed him to our favorite, Bingo Burger. He thanked us later! And he told us that the owner, Richard was there, so they talked, and Richard admired his bike and also figured out that Frans was staying with us!

Frans took a picture with us, as well as shooting some video for his vlog. He has a pretty sophisticated set up. He films and talks, uploads the files, and his daughter and her boyfriend edit it and add music. It’s posted on You Tube almost every Sunday.

On Tuesday morning, I dropped Frans at the car rental office. He picked up his vehicle and loaded up at our house before heading south on I-25.

Case closed. Until the following weekend, when Frans messaged us again asking if he could stay on Sunday night, so that he could return his car on Monday and pick up the trail again. We knew we’d be home but not very high energy after a weekend of training rides, but we said yes, of course. He arrived mid-afternoon. Angie and I had some errands to run, so we left him at the house to clean up the rental car and his bike from the dusty red sands of Utah. Feeling generous, we offered to pick up some food for ourselves and him, and he accepted the offer happily. We dined together and heard about his trip.

I had to get up to work out and then work the next morning, so Angie kindly helped Frans return his car and bring him back so he could load his bike and head on his way.

We’ve been following Frans on his travels on his Facebook page and YouTube vlog at e stokske fietse.

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