RAGBRAI Day -2: VanLife

VanLife is much less fun solo. But I needed to get from Pueblo to Iowa with bike and gear, so… a long day in the van happened. I’m not quite to Iowa, but I’m close.

I enjoyed the two-lane country roads that were the bulk of the day’s journey. The interstates were less pleasant and less speedy due to traffic and construction. 

Cambridge, Kansas (Oxford is nearby) had a friendly Casey’s gas station/convenience store and this cool sign across the street. (My only photo of the day.)

Word to the wise—take your own food when driving country roads in the West. There are many cows, but no McDonalds (or anything else).

I’ll try to post daily, but I hear RAGBRAI overwhelms the cell towers in Iowa (with 10-20,000 riders plus entourage), so we’ll see.

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