RAGBRAI Day 3: Don’t Start Late

I learned today that riding by yourself isn’t bad, as you’re never remotely by yourself on RAGBRAI. However, being in camp by yourself is really not that awwsome.

I ended up by myself because we started a little late, which put us in the actual thick of RAGBRAI riders.  In fact, at the first pass-through town of Grand Junction, we came to a stop to wait for two trains, then stopped again several hundred feet later to cross a good-sized road. Then traffic was even thicker.

By the time we reached the “breakfast town” of Dana, I had lost track of my team. It also appeared that most of RAGBRAI was in Dana at that time. I couldn’t bring myself to stop. I knew it was another 15.5 miles to Ogden, but I made it and was able to get a tasty breakfast burrito.

It was another 8 miles to Boone, including the big hill of the day, which wasn’t really that big. Boone is a bigger town, and had prepared a big RAGBRAI celebration. I took advantage of the fact that there was good cell signal to phone home and call my parents. I refilled my sports drink, but should have gotten something to eat.

I stopped only for energy food and to “wake up” my feet during the last 22 miles. Neither Beekman’s nor the Iowa Craft Beer tent were tempting enough.

I did find the coolers once I found the Brancel charter camp site. I had a Tartastic Raspberry Lime Ale from New Belgium (I know, Colorado beer in Iowa…) It was tasty and refreshing.

Brancel had a catered turkey dinner in camp for $10, so we ate that. It was pretty good. We’re not moving much now. We did the Expo in Jefferson last night, so we’re skipping it tonight, especially since it requires shuttle rides in both directions.

Tomorrow is another 60-ish mile day, so hopefully not bad, and perhaps we’ll even start early and manage to stay together.

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